Chris Irwin

Chris is the founder and Creative Director here at Appstronauts. His favorite mediums include interfaces, songwriting and motivational speaking. He enjoys all things vintage and sour gummy flavored.


Harry Wynn

Harry is our chief App Developer and his programming sphere of influence has been in the mobile realm for over a decade. He enjoys Objective C, growing beards and all things Penn State.


Brian Miller

Brian is the resident Web Developer and has been into web geekery since the web was, well, geeky. In addition to JavaScript, PHP, and ecommerce solutions he enjoys kitesurfing and plays a wicked guitar.


Josh Cobb

Josh began his career as an Audio Engineer at the Doogie Howser-ish age of 17. He has spent nearly a decade recording music, developing sounds for mobile apps as well as voice overs for the likes of Google.

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